Thursday, July 15, 2010

A mission statement of sorts

I've thought about starting a blog for a long time. It may be a self-indulgent digital scream for attention, or it's my personal thought process techno-vomit. We'll find out as this site evolves. A few topics I'll be writing about:
  • Music: I've been a connoisseur of the entire indie rock spectrum for as long as I can remember.

  • Film: I am a film major, after all. It's what's for dinner.

  • Video games: I'm a proponent of the "games as art" movement, so I won't just be doing standard game reviews--I try to look at them from a more literary standpoint.

  • Hockey: I'm not a sports person, but I'm involved in a passionate love affair with hockey. Being from DC, I'm devoted to the Washington Capitals.

  • Soccer: I'm not a sports person (really!), but my hockey tryst carried over to soccer. As far as American soccer goes, I'm a D.C. United fan, and hopping the pond to England, I'm a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

So let's see what happens.


  1. Jake, allow me to give you your first comment....FAG! Nah, I'm just kidding, I can't wait to read your blog

  2. I can wait. I don't particularly want to, but I can.

  3. I'M FOLLOWING YOU! This better be good, you filthy slut.

  4. Good luck with the blog. I think you'll find it addicting.